Vocational Education and Training

Where we are today, we need more job creators than job seekers. To achieve this mission, we have got to fold our sleeves to ensure that we embrace an education system that prepares individuals for the jobs and this system is Vocational education and training because it is multifaceted and it focuses on several careers.

It’s for this reason, LIDEISA prioritizes this education system for it aims at giving valuable hand-on skills and experience on top of tasking beneficiaries to replicate the gained skills, and use same skills to transform communities while making money.

Under Vocational Education and Training, learners will be taught;

Technologists, ICT techs, Agriculturists and Environment conservationists

Teaching learners how to use technology to invent solutions to safe and sustainable agriculture that would otherwise harm environment with focus on innovation in designing, developing and making things people need. We center on bringing together experts from industry, academia and other stakeholders worldwide to deliver on trainings inspired by issues of the day and innovation around manufacturing and design, including robotics to sustainability and beyond

Leadership Mentorship

Grooming leaders is one of the core reasons of LIDEISA’s existence because we believe that mentoring proper leadership is among the essential responsibilities of every society. We recognize that some people are born with leadership talent but many can achieve it through hard work and self-correction.

So, we strive to set direction of our prospective leaders, help them create their vision and empower them with both soft and hard leadership skills so they can become significantly better leaders to transform communities for future generations.

Under leadership mentorship, we inculcate prospective leaders in the areas of;