At LIDEISA, we believe that our communities urgently need a breed of citizens with skills to create new sources of growth to achieve stronger, more inclusive and more sustainable development. We know that its only innovative citizens who can offer vital solutions, at affordable costs to economic, social and cultural dilemmas we live with today because innovative economies are more productive, more resilient, more adaptable, and better able to support higher living standards.

So, to prepare our communities for 2030 and beyond, our people should be skilled to think creatively, empowered to develop new products and services or value-add on existing raw materials, create new jobs, new processes and methods, new ways of thinking and living, new enterprises, new sectors, new business models and new social models.

At LIDEISA, we value togetherness, the reason we dissuade our learners from thinking and working alone. We encourage and initiate cooperation and collaboration with others to draw on existing knowledge to create new knowledge all built on adaptability, creativity, curiosity and open-mindedness which altogether, form our new value to communities.