Some commendable work has been done, but the truth is that a lot of work still needs to be done.

LIDEISA’s work around menstruation since its inception, has revealed one major reality-menstrual education is needed because young people-especially school girls are intensely ill-informed about menstruation yet it is a very important subject.

Girls and boys are not being taught how the menstrual cycle works, or about the emotional and social aspects of menstrual periods. They are also missing out on basic, vital information about how their bodies work and the health implications are widespread.

In fact, many girls, from their stories have been often asked to handle menstruation in silence which has hidden menstruation from the entire generation. Girls are oblivious of their right to be healthy and knowing the goings-on with their bodies.

Girls who have spoken to LIDEISA have revealed that bad experiences they endure without assistance are big to the extent that they go into depression.

“We are going through a lot when we start menstruation period. We have no money to afford us sanitary pads and this take us into using rags, paper and or leaves to contain blood flow and this causes diseases for us which is seriously affecting our bodies.” Priscilla Nabirye, a pupil at Bukose Junior School in Buyende district said.

It is things like this story that motivates LIDEISA to address vast information gaps that lead school girls to sense isolation from their own bodies.

In this direction, LIDEISA intervenes with social support to girls so they can feel their bodies and partake in daily activities during their menstruation periods without being subjected to stigma or exclusion from peers, parents, teachers, or community leaders.

In Menstruation, Lies Hidden Story No One Talks About

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