When she first started her period, Nangobi Shadia was frightened.

She did not know what was happening to her and so at first she didn’t tell anyone and she’s not alone. Because periods are a taboo topic in some parts of Uganda, they can have a huge impact on girls’ daily activities, including education and self-esteem.

When Nangobi Shadia managed to confide in a friend, they were able to explain things to her and then extended some rags to her to use and manage her menstruation.

But this is another hurdle girls at their school face because for many girls, poverty can prevent them from being able to afford sanitary products and managing their menstruation in the way they would choose to.

That is why LIDEISA is supporting girls in schools through Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) education to both girls who are yet to start and those already menstruating. We integrate teachers, including male teachers and boys who are often perpetrators of stigma associated with menstruation.

We also distribute LIDEISA reusable sanitary pads among school girls all aimed at retaining them in school cycles to complete education to free their potential

The main objective is to raise awareness about menstruation, create a safe environment for girls to manage menstruation with dignity and confidence while in school.

Brief About The Way We Work To End Menstruation Taboos In Schools

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