We believe that girls’ educational performance can be directly improved through better menstrual hygiene management in their schools.

LIDEISA Pads Girls’ Education For Global Goals (LIGEGG) campaign whose main objective is to address menstrual hygiene management needs in schools concentrates on giving right knowledge and skills about safe menstruation handling. It also tackles myths, misconceptions, misinformation, and negative cultural attitudes associated with menstruation often perpetrated by boys and male teachers,through engaging all stakeholders.

To directly facilitate girls’ retention in school to complete education cycle without interruptions attributed to menstruation, we also donate LIDEISA reusable sanitary Pads to girls

The cost of  menstruation womanhood

On any given day, more than 800 million women, including girls worldwide, are menstruating. But despite menstruation’s central role in womanhood, deep-rooted taboos, lack of education and poor hygiene facilities in especially rural schools, many girls are choose to stay away from school for fear of shame, embarrassment and social exclusion around their monthly period.

Breaking the silence

At LIDEISA, we believe good menstrual hygiene management plays a fundamental role in enabling girls to reach their full potential. We aim to break down taboos around menstruation and ensure menstrual hygiene management is firmly on the agenda of education policy makers and resource allocators, creating a country in which every school girl can manage her menstruation in a hygienic way in privacy, safety and with dignity and most fundamentally to cut the girls’ absenteeism while in menstruation periods.

The Cost Of Menstruation To Girls’ Education
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